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Move at your own pace

We designed this program to help you move at your own pace! We suggest you finish everything in 8 months or less

HTML, CSS, & Javascript

In 4 weeks, We will teach you HTML, CSS and Javascript, the reason for the short period is because students will spend couple of weeks prior to starting the classes to familiarize themselves with these technologies.

React JS

In 4 weeks,You will learn everything about React JS, a powerful, popular Javascript framework. You will learn everything from props to advanced state management such as React Redux. You will also work with the APIs to build a fully functioning application.

Node, Express, & Python

It's important to have a powerful, widely used backend languages. We will teach you Node JS and Python to empower your frontend skills. You will be able to create APIs, connect to databases and build dynamic applications.

Career Support

Gabi School will not just let you go when you finish your core curriculum, we will help you setup your resume, social media profiles and portfolio so you can be ready when you start applying to jobs. Helping you through your job search is important to us.


Course offered in English and Somali

We believe in giving people as many options as possible. You shouldn't be block from opportunity because of language.

Waxaan aaminsanahay in qof kasta uu fursad u helo inuu wax ku barto luuqada uu fahmayo.



Casharadoo dhan waxay ku baxayaan luuqada Soomaaliga ayadoo la sharaxayo fikrado ad adag oo la xariira dhinaca programming-ka.



The course will offered in English with graphical explanations. The instructor will break down hard concepts using visual illustrations.

Free for All!

We realized not everyone has the funds to learn coding. We're giving you a free program that usually costs over $5000 in bootcamps. All you need to do is sign up and follow the curriculum. If you have any questions, we have slack channel for you.

Before Enrolling

Before you enroll in this course, make sure you already feel comfartable in this list:

  • Decent Keyboard Typing
  • Using Microsoft Word
  • Creating, Editing, deleting and managing folders/directories
  • Using browsers, searching online, bookmarking
  • Basic keyboard keys such as Control, Shift, and Space..etc
  • Installing softwares
  • Ability to follow step by step instructions
  • Reading and comprehension

    Frequent Asked Questions

    How long does it take to finish?

    It depends on the person and their schedule, if you do 4 hours a day for 5 days, you will finish in 6 months.

    Will there be live lecture?

    No, the lectures are recorded and you will able to playback as many time as you like.

    Do I need to know anything before starting?

    You only need to know basic computer skills such as the ones we mentioned on the left side. But you don't need to any code before starting.

    Do you offer job placement?

    No, we prepare you and give you the skills to find high-paying job but we don't guarantee a job since your success depends on how much effort you put in the program.

    What do I need to do before starting?

    We encourge people to watch videos talking about what exactly is coding/programming. You can watch this video to get better understanding.

    English Sample Lecture

    Somali Sample Lecture


    Ready to Learn?
    Let's get started!