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Mentorship Plus


Become a software engineer in less than 20 weeks

Our course is designed to take you from zero experience in coding to job-ready. The program is intense but we will also give you a lot of help

HTML, CSS, & Javascript

In 6 weeks, We will teach you HTML, CSS and Javascript, the reason for the short period is because students will spend couple of weeks prior to starting the classes to familiarize themselves with these technologies.

React JS

In 3 weeks,You will learn everything about React JS, a powerful, popular Javascript framework. You will learn everything from props to advanced state management such as React Redux. You will also work with the APIs to build a fully functioning application.

Node, Express JS

It's important to have a powerful, widely used backend languages. We will teach you Node JS to empower your frontend skills. You will be able to create APIs, connect to databases and build dynamic applications.

Job Seeking Support

Gabi School will not just let you go when you finish your core curriculum, we will help you setup your resume, social media profiles and portfolio so you can be ready when you start applying to jobs. Helping you through your job search is important to us.

Choose the high-growth career

U.S. News & World Report ranks Software Developer #1 out of the 100 Best Jobs because of its favorable salary and growth.

The average salary for Software Developer is $92,000 in the United States.


Ready, Set, Hired!

In just three steps, you can go from zero coding knowledge to a junior developer.


Mark your calendar

The program is designed for working individuals, you will able to keep your job and still learn!


Aug 15th - Sep 15th

The pre-course is a short program where you will learn basic HTML, CSS & Javascript. You will also take a quiz to help you retain the knowledge. We expect everyone to finish this pre-course before the program starts.

The Program

Sep 18th - March 15th

In 20 weeks, you will spend at least 3 hours every weekday and 2 hours of the weekend to reach your goal of applying to jobs. We will help you with your resume and LinkedIn.


Ready to get started?

Mentorship Plus

In this program, you will have weekly live classes plus experienced and friendly mentors to help you navigate your assignments. We will make sure you're on track to finish this program.

Per Month

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